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Raja Ampat, Indonesia - September 9-16, 2018 (Land Based)

We went over the rainbow – to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It was the trip of a lifetime! Our Managing Partner, Sumer Verma (a.k.a. Luminousdeep), led this trip.


Raja Ampat is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. We experienced crystal clear waters, rich coral gardens bursting with life, sharks, and land and seascapes redolent of James Cameron’s Avatar. It’s a SCUBA diver’s candy store – for those who liked tiny, colorful things, it was a macro paradise.  For those chasing pelagics, there were reef sharks by the dozen, including the weird and wonderful Wobbegong Shark . And for those in love with post-dive sunsets and sundowners, this trip fulfilled all of that and more!