October 18, 2021

Island Explorer Program

This program creates the opportunity for school children from urban settings to explore the rural island environment and to experience a simpler and more basic way of life. Structured to inspire students with the fascinating aspects of the Andaman Islands, its wildlife and its ecosystems, it introduces deeper thought to the way in which modern life is lived.

It connects the impacts urban living and over consumption have on distant ecosystems. With the help of our dive partner, Lacadives, we offer students the unique opportunity to discover and delve into the underwater world in the crystal clear blue waters of the Andaman Islands. Additionally, we aim to bring students outside of their classrooms and to learn through new and exciting perspectives of our biological world.

This program can be structured to meet the learning objectives of individual schools, including but not limited to fulfilling IB CAS requirements, covering portions of 9th – 11th grade Biology, Environmental Systems, Geography curriculums, creative storytelling through film and photography, etc

You can check out the link here to know more.