October 11, 2021

RE(EF) Generate Course

The Re(ef)Generate course is an initiation into active coral restoration techniques used by us to help conserve and replenish coral reef cover in the Andamans. This three-day course is conducted by ReefWatch Marine Conservation in partnership with Lacadives. It is designed to teach you the theory of coral ecology and restoration tied into the practice of the techniques employed by us on our artificial reef in Chidiyatapu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It includes four dives over two days where you will learn how to identify and collect the right coral fragments, hitch them onto artificial metal structures and also maintain and monitor the reef. You will also learn the basics of fish and invertebrate identification and take a closer look at the various relationships that form on a coral reef between its inhabitants.

You can check out the link here to know more.