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Day Kayaking

The sheltered, calm waters of the mangroves are a perfect place to begin kayaking. Our guide takes you through the basics of paddling techniques on land and equips you with a life jacket before you begin. You can then move through the water on a single or two-person kayak as you get a swan’s eye view of the dense mangrove forest. Listen to the chirping of the birds while you paddle through the stunning view of the tropical forests. Learn about the incredible adaptations of the plants, animals and fish that use this magical space at the cusp of land and water on this meditative guided kayaking tour.


Mangrove Kayaking Guided - Havelock

INR 3,000/-

Sunrise / Sunset Kayaking - Havelock

INR 3,500/-

Please carry: A towel for after the trip has been completed. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably dry fit shorts and a full sleeved top, along with sandals/shoes/booties (footwear tends to get wet). A cap or a hat.  Bottle of Water and bug spray. A healthy dose of curiosity & adventure !