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Night Kayaking

We set off at dusk for a guided tour, to paddle over the Andaman Sea in single or two-person kayaks. Darkness sets in as you enter the mangroves, and away from the island lights you can marvel at the night sky and all its stars. Our guide shows you constellations and the mythology behind them. Watch the water being bathed in silver on a full moon night, or sparkle with bioluminescent algae with every stroke of your paddle on darker, new moon nights. We provide life jackets and torches to keep you safe and secure as you explore the seas by night. 

Night Kayaking Guided

INR 4,000/-

Please carry: A towel for after the trip has been completed. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably dry fit along with sandals/shoes/booties (footwear tends to get wet). A light jacket if you get cold easily. Bottle of Water and bug spray.  A childlike sense of magic, and be prepared to be enchanted.