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ReefWatch Marine Conservation, along with Lacadives, offers visitors to Chidiyatapu the opportunity to explore the biodiversity and natural beauty of the Andamans both above and below the ocean. As an additional benefit, the fees for these walks, sponsor conservation activities on the islands, including our free program with the local village children. 



We take you to Mundapahad beach at 3:00 pm, from where the walk begins. We walk along the beach and into the forest at the end. Here we hike through a beautiful virgin forest, with many spots from where you have a wonderful view of the ocean. We pass by the Lighthouse – which you can climb if the doors are open – and end up at the Southern most tip of the South Andaman Island with a panoramic view of the ocean and the sunset.

Please carry: Flashlight, Water, Mosquito Repellent and wear comfortable shoes/sandals (flip flops not recommended).

Duration: 3 hours



A marine biologist leads you on a walk through the mangroves and intertidal areas in Chidiyatapu, pointing out the incredible organisms that live there and their adaptations to survive the daily fluctuations of salinity, heat, seawater inundation that characterizes intertidal environments. Get ready to get your hands dirty and your feet muddy! This walk is conducted during low tide hours only and is combined with a short talk explaining tides and moon cycles.

Please carry: Water, Insect Repellent and wear old sandals/shoes that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy, Cap/Hat

Duration: 2 hours


A ReefWatch team member leads you on a walk through Chidiyatapu’s Biological Park. Here you learn about the endemic trees and orchids of the Andaman Islands, spot saltwater crocodiles, water monitor lizards, Nicobari macaques and learn about the terrestrial ecology of the islands as well as a bit about the myths and legends of its ancient tribes.

Please carry: Water, Hat/Cap, no special footwear or clothing required! 

Duration: 1 hour



Chidiyatapu – translated as ‘Bird Island’ – is renowned for its diversity of avian life. Birders from all over the world flock here to catch a glimpse of the beautiful endemic species of birds found in the reserve forests around the village. The best time to go birding is at sunrise and sunset. Our staff will coordinate a time of your preference and take you on a walk equipped with binoculars to see their colours and feathers up close.

Please carry: Water, cap, comfy shoes and preferably wear dull coloured clothing!

Duration: 2 hours



We take you for a walk to one of two beaches that can also be reached by foot. Walk through the forest, spot some birds, relax on the beach. We can carry footballs and Frisbees too!

Please carry: Water, cap, beach towel!

Duration: 2 hours



Want to know a little more about the ocean, coral reefs, whales, sea turtles, sharks or conservation? We are happy to give you short, interesting and informative presentations about any of the above topics either at our base in Chidiyatapu over looking the ocean or at your resort. The presentations will be given by one of our staff and can be adapted for kids too!

Please carry: your curiosity and lots of questions!

Duration: 45 minutes

Lighthouse walk

INR 2,000/-

Mangrove and Intertidal walk

INR 1,000/-

Biological Park Guided Walk

INR 1,000/-

Bird Watching

INR 1,500/-

Chota Balu Beach Walk

INR 1,000/-

Bada Balu Beach Walk

INR 1,000/-

ReefWatch Talks

INR 1,000/-

Note: *All prices are per person