Into The Blue by Avantika Rungta

It is said that being fearless is not the absence of fear, but rather being brave enough to act in spite of it. I live with a voracious appetite to experience the world. But when 72% of the world is water and I show up with my fear of fish, I realize I hold myself … Continued

An Ode to the Nightingales (Galapagos, June 2019)

John Keats wrote of nightingales and their wrenching, ephemeral, haunting music. My nightingales dwell in the deep sea, and they do not sing. They circle, languish in oceanic currents, and, for reasons unknown, congregate in vast numbers off an unassuming nub of volcanic rock in the Pacific, a thousand kilometers from the nearest landmass. Welcome … Continued

Coral-ing in the Red Sea (March 2019)

I am what I read, what I see. What I do and experience. I am whom I’m with and who takes me along on these splendid journeys. I am, because bit by bit this fabric of my life begins weaving itself together and I’m about to share with you a bit of that fabric today. … Continued

Balinese Blues, The Good Kind (June 2017)

Crystal clear water, lush reefs and big animal encounters – everything I wanted in a dive trip, was delivered in Bali. Our hotel, Sanur Palace, was only a short drive from the Crystal Divers Bali dive shop where we picked up our gear and off to the diving. Our first few dives were at Padang … Continued

Malapascua Magic (January, 2018)

Cue music. Buble coming through. “Birds flying high, You know how I feel Sun in the sky, You know how I feel Breeze driftin’ on by, You know how I feel It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day It’s a new life, For me And I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good” Our state of … Continued

Raja Ampat’s Unrivaled Splendor (September, 2018)

Three (maybe four) flights (one which was almost missed). Second star to the right, straight on ‘til morning – somewhere, over the rainbow and across the Banda Sea, adjacent to Oz, but not quite there. J.M. Barrie wrote of a Neverland like the one we visited, but his was festooned with pixie dust and ours … Continued

Sipadan’s Sunsets and Schools (October, 2017)

We visited Sipadan Island, in Malaysia (off Malaysian Borneo), over Diwali 2017 with Lacadives. We stayed on Mabul Island, which was beautiful, particularly the evenings, which boasted red and blue sunsets. The main attraction (and the highlight) of our trip was Sipadan National Park. Access to the park is usually limited to one visit per … Continued