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Titiksh Saluja, Dive center manager and PADI MSDT (#360701)

Part-time metalhead and full-time PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, Titiksh is a marine life enthusiast who discovered his love for the ocean while he was still in school and now has over 8 years of experience teaching and guiding divers in the Andamans, Bali and Sri Lanka. As a dive equipment junkie, Titiksh can talk endlessly about the latest dive gear – if you ever need advice on what to buy, he’s your guy! Titiksh is a very experienced instructor and can teach over 10 specialties, including Wreck, Night, Deep, Drift and Sidemount.

Fun factTitiksh sleeps for only 4 hours every night but is still a peach every morning. He doesn’t let anyone sit idle and his favorite dialogue is – “Chalo chalo kaam karte hai!”