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Scuba Dive in Andamans, India

Come explore the resplendent, enthralling, and panoramic underwater views at our spectacular dive centers at Havelock and Chidiyatapu. Bestowed with silver shores, turquoise ocean waves, fantastic corals, and marvelous marine life, Andaman offers incredible scuba diving courses.

If it is not Lacadives, it's not diving! We are the pioneers of scuba diving in India; not just any underwater diving company. We provide you with an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have carved our niche over our adversaries like Scubalov, Viator, Bigbluedivers, DiveIndia, and others.

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

We at Lacadives bring you the world’s most popular and the best adventure of scuba diving in Andaman. Look further no more! Want to experience an amazing and exhilarating SCUBA diving in India but are unsure about committing to a full certification course, then sign up for a DSD course in scuba diving in Havelock and Neil islands.

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INR 5950 +GST

Min. age

10 years

Introduction to Scuba Diving

Experience breathtaking deep-sea diving in the Andaman Sea, where you'll be closely supervised by an expert scuba diver who will guide you to a stunning dive spot! We organize, conduct, and oversee recreational diving activities in Andaman.


INR 4500 +GST

Min. age

10 years

Leisure and Diving

Fun Dives

If you are a certified SCUBA diver and are looking to stretch your diving muscles, we offer several exquisite sites for deep-sea diving in India, one being Chidiya Tapu. The best place for scuba diving in India, it offers diving at all levels – from a shallow house reef at Fish Point (with an artificial reef!) to a deep wreck and a rocky reef with a strong drift. We also have some enigmatic sites on Havelock Island, enough to get an Open Water Diver to upgrade to an Advanced Open Water Certification!

Starting from

INR 4000 +GST


Snorkeling and scuba diving in Andaman for non-swimmers is fun! Get your mask, fins, and snorkel ready! Learn to duck dive with one of our certified scuba divers in case you want a closer look. We will be delighted to organize a bespoke trip only for you and your family! Undoubtedly the shallow reefs for snorkeling on Andaman island are amazingly rich in coral and fish life.

Starting from

INR 3500 +GST

Sunset Cruise

Immerse in the dawning sun with its majestic hues, and let it enthrall you. Engulf yourself in the tranquil calmness of the vast sea. Our sunset cruises at Havelock and Chidiyatapu usually begin their sojourn around 04.30 pm and last an hour. A breath-taking sight, perfect to create and click memories for a lifetime.

Starting from

INR 2500 +GST

Nature Walks

A dose of wilderness, nature walks are a great way to soothe our minds and appreciate nature’s tranquillity and subtle gifts. We at Lacadives serve the restorative experience at our centers at Havelock and Chidiyatapu to unwind your mind and body.

Starting from

INR 1500 +GST

Diving Courses

Open Water Diver Course

Why devote yourself to learning when you can go ahead and enjoy the best underwater diving in the world! Complete your PADI diving course anywhere and enjoy four referral dives to round out the PADI open water course. Splitting your PADI course between the islands and the mainland is a great way to free up some 'island time' for either fun dives or sightseeing!

Discounted Rates

INR 23800 +GST


4–5 days

Referral Dive

Unable to decide whether to get your scuba certification while on holiday or at home before traveling? With a PADI Open Water Referral, you don’t have to choose. We the best scuba diving company in India give you the best referral dives.

Discounted Rates

INR 13600 +GST


2 days

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Explore the lush, breathtaking, and spectacular views by diving deeper with Open Water Diver course. Choose from a variety of intriguing dives under the supervision of seasoned ocean diver instructors and experience the best diving in the world.

Discounted Rates

INR 21250 +GST


2-3 days

Zero to Divemaster

Adorn one more feather to your cap, and become a dive master by scuba diving in Port Blair. Live your dream while you work. We at Lacadives go well beyond theory. We believe in learning while working. We offer you a lifetime experience and empower you to become a master diver anywhere in the world!

Discounted Rates

INR 136000 +GST


30 days


Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Havelock

A state-of-the-art dive center at Taj Exotica Resort and Spa. Nestled in leafy groves and within walking distance of the splendid Radhanagar beach, underwater diving is exclusive for in-house guests. We offer a plethora of activities like scuba diving for beginners, advanced courses, snorkeling, sunset cruises, sunrise and sunset kayaking as well as night kayaking.

Tilar Siro, CGH Earth, Havelock

Sit back, relax and enjoy sumptuous and lip-smacking food as you study your dive theory at the best place for scuba diving. Lacadives at Tilar Siro, Havelock is the in-house dive center for the luxurious eco-friendly resort situated off the exquisite Vijaynagar beach.

Outback Resort

Feel the gentle sea breeze, the aroma of salty air, and the sound of crashing waves. Loosen up and enjoy the tranquillity and peace of the sea. The Outback Resort offers you a dive center one of the best scuba diving places in India as well as the privilege to spectate the recycled plastic installations, crossing 200,000 in number.

Explore the Blue

Experience the thrill of 'Scuba Diving' and water sports in the Andamans. Our expert travel team will get in touch with you to build a bespoke itinerary for your summer vacation in the Andamans.

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