The red sea, egypt - march 21 - 28, 2019 (Liveaboard)

The Red Sea is Biblical – both literally and figuratively. This SCUBA diving mecca boasts more than 1,000 species of marine invertebrates, over 200 species of soft and hard coral, and 1,100 species of fish, of which just about 20% are endemic (the Red Sea has been connected and isolated from the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean at various points in its geological history, giving rise to high rates of endemism). The Red Sea has something for everyone – spectacular visibility, pelagic sharks, ship wrecks, and walls and fields of soft and hard coral. We’ll be exploring the southern reefs of Elphinstone, St. Johns and Fury Shoal.

The action begins at St. Johns’ reef system located on the Tropic of Cancer. Drop offs, hard coral, and sunlight playing with tunnels characterize this area. If we’re lucky, the dolphins may swing by to say hello. Fury Shoal’s wrecks and Elphinstone’s unpredictable reefs round out this stunning dive trip. Participants must be at least PADI Open Water Certified with at least 20 dives.

Spots are extremely limited. Contact us to book yours now!

The galapagos islands, ecuador - june 3-10, 2019 (Liveaboard)

We’re going on the SCUBA diving trip of your dreams, to Charles Darwin’s playground circa 1831. Some 900 miles west of Ecuador are islands sprinkled on either side of the equator. These islands and their weird and wonderful inhabitants helped forge over a century of understanding on how life on this planet evolved. Las Islas Galapagos, so sacred in the history of science, is a place of scarcity and abundance. The cold waters of the Humboldt Current feed one of the most productive fisheries on earth, and the islands’ isolation gave rise to species found nowhere else.

We’re chasing the big ones and the oddballs both above and below the surface – schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, Mola mola, marine iguana, red-footed boobies, giant tortoises. This is our second guided trip to The Galapagos, and Sumer and the Lacadives team cannot wait to adventure in this SCUBA wonderland again. Come out and play. 
This is advanced diving. Expect cold water and currents - participants must have at least 50 dives and an advanced certification. Nitrox is recommended.

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Komodo, Indonesia - August 14-20, 2019 (Liveaboard)

We’re going in search of dragons and pelagic giants. In case you haven’t noticed, we absolutely love Indonesia – the diving, the food, and the people. In the last year and a half we’ve visited Bali, Gili and Raja Ampat. And now, we’ve teamed up with White Manta Diving and its fantastic team to bring Komodo to life.

Komodo National Park consists of 3 main islands (Komodo, Rinca and Padar) and several tiny ones scattered across the union of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It’s a dramatic landscape – dry savannah on the island hillsides, white sandy beaches, clear blue water and reefs bursting at the seams with life. Someone once described Komodo as the ‘Texas’ of SCUBA diving – everything is just bigger. Titan trigger fish? Bigger. Barracuda schools? Definitely bigger. Mantas? Huge. Komodo has some of the healthiest and most bio-diverse reefs in Indonesia, and there’s something for everyone – from brilliantly colored frogfish and nudibranchs to manta cleaning stations, staghorn coral meadows and adrenalin-pumping currents. One of the Lacadives team even saw her first Mola mola there!

And then, of course, are the giant lizards that roam the islands – the Komodo dragons. Tara Jain, Executive Director at Reefwatch Marine Conservation, marine biologist, dive instructor and yoga instructor will be leading this trip – so along with terrific diving, expect a holistic experience which includes pranayama, light yoga, and discussions on marine life and coral reefs in the evening!

Spots are extremely limited. Reserve yours soon!