Prahlad Kakar

Prahlad Kakar Lacadives partner

Ad-man, hat collector, tea connoisseur, cigar manufacturer, restaurant owner and CMAS 2 Star Instructor, Prahlad is the reason Lacadives came to be. His enthusiasm for the sea is contagious, and Lacadives, which began as a labor of love, has inspired generations of divers across the country

Sumer Verma

Sumer Verma Lacadives partner

An award-winning underwater photographer and documentary film-maker, Sumer is also a CMAS Course Director and Managing Partner at Lacadives. He was the driving force behind the company when he joined in 1997 as one of its youngest instructors. He’s logged over 9,000 dives, and is one of the most experienced divers in the country.

Prashant Sahni

Prashant Sahni Lacadives partner

An IT/ BPO entrepreneur, Prashant founded Tecnovate, with 1,100 employees, which pioneered multilingual BPO in India in nine languages. Tecnovate’s innovations are taught as a business case study at leading management schools across the world. Prashant loves to play the guitar and piano and watch art films.

Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh Lacadives partner

An engineer by training, Vishal is a real estate developer with a keen eye for architecture. He is a voracious reader with an interest in politics, art and philosophy. Vishal is an environmentalist who loves travelling to exotic destinations.