Dive Center

Our dive center is located in Chidiyatapu, at the very southern tip of South Andaman, the main island in the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago. A 45-minute drive from Port Blair Airport, Chidiyatapu channels the rest of the islands – boasting mangrove-fringed bays, backwaters, primal rainforests and secluded beaches with sparkling blue waters. Our dive center’s lawn overlooks the sea and the sky – we end our days with spectacular sunsets and cicada songs.

Photographs by Jaan Kumandan, Lochinvar Tavares and Dylan Gray

Dive Boats

MV Explorer

Length: 11.5 meters (36 feet)

Engine: 315HP marine diesel inboard

Cruise speed: 28 knots

Fuel tank: 150 liters (diesel)

Photograph by Sumer Verma

MV Wahoo

Length: 9.6 meters (32 feet)

Engine: 2 x 40HP outboard engines

Cruise speed:  15 knots

Fuel tank: 50 liters (petrol)

Photograph by Rahul Mitra