Andaman Coral Ecologist (ACE) Diver

The Andaman Coral Ecologist (ACE) diver program was developed by Reefwatch Marine Conservation for certified divers who love the ocean and want to do their bit to protect it.

Although coral reefs cover a fraction of a percent of the ocean floor, they are home to a quarter of all known marine species. Divers are no strangers to the richness of the reefs, but sometimes may overlook the intricacies, patterns, details and interactions of species other than fish. This course is designed to equip divers with the knowledge and experience to notice such detail - symbiosis, feeding patterns, predation avoidance techniques among others. In addition, this course is an opportunity for divers to contribute to active research and conservation in the Andaman Islands by collecting and uploading data related to fish and coral populations. Across the world, scientists and policy makers use data collected by recreational divers to make conservation decisions. We are delighted to offer the first program of its kind in India.

This program would be of particular use to aspiring marine biologists, ecologists or conservationists, science students and budding underwater photographers who would like to develop an eye for spotting small, rare creatures!

Duration: 3 days (4 dives)
Prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent and minimum 10 dives

Cost of ACE Diver course is Rs 25,000/-*

* Price is exclusive of 18% GST and accommodation/transfers