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Lekha Mohan, Guest Relations and SSI Instructor (#79801) - New Delhi

A daughter of the mountains, Lekha married the sea 7 years ago. An adventure sport aficionado, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of all kinds of city and mountains sports. Having wrapped up her corporate training job in 2012, she  forsook the busy, bustling city to live in the lap of mother nature. A strong bold personality, she has travelled solo around the world and doesn’t look like she is stopping any time soon. Pandemic or not,, always on her feet, with a penchant for perfection, Lekha gets the job done with her  signature flair.

Fun fact: She is our in house witch doctor, a professional holistic health practitioner, she is our go to person who heals whatever can possibly ail you- fevers, sprains, heartache and mental drains. She will have an oil, an incense or a local herb right from the garden to heal you mentally, physically and spiritually.